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What Is Condition:Black ?

Condition Black is the place in a fight or combat where you cease to exist. It is in this condition that all cognitive operations cease to register. There is no thinking, no decision-making, no internal dialogue, no reasoning, no regard for safety and importantly, no fear. There is no before. There is no after. There is only now.

This is the state of existence described by the Samurai Warrior as, complete disregard for the self.

What does Condition:Black do?

As cybersecurity attacks and real-world (physical) outcomes become intertwined the consequences to life, liberty, and free trade will be affected in the blink of an eye. Most organizations are not ready for a world where systems make decisions in nanoseconds, and analysts are overwhelmed with telemetry and hindered by policy. We believe there is a better way. We also believe that cyber "samurai" are forged through experience and opportunity. We are building the next generation of cyber samurai and developing the tools to fight tomorrows fights.

You've seen the hype about Cybersecurity using A.I., Blockchain, or the latest Machine Learning. You've been pitched on the latest and greatest "fix-all" products. You've expended budget on the "élite" cybersecurity service providers who have knocked down your door to sell you their latest outsourced offerings for years. We know you need a change of pace. You want innovation, not renovations. We believe we can help.

We know the field can be a crowded place full of "talk" and noise. We are the signal buried in the noise, chaos and overwhelming volume of information that you are dealing with. We are capable, motivated, and equipped to address real-world cybersecurity challenges and threats, in the board room or on the battlefield. We bring our own tools, a vetted and trusted team of seasoned professionals, and we get the job done. If you are looking for a vendor agnostic, trusted advisor who will give you practical, actionable intelligence, guidance, and advice, along with services tailored to your organizations' objectives and needs, you've found the right team.

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CONDITION:BLACK utilizes anonymizing services to remove user-identifying information that may be shared while browsing our site. We will not sell your information or allow any third party to view, analyze our access your information without your expressed and informed consent in writing. Any contact information provided will only be used to facilitate requests initiated by you. We do not market or sell our services to any agency, corporation or individuals who CONDITION BLACK in its sole discretion determines to be a "bad actor" or those known to commit offenses against the privacy, security, and human rights of others. In short, if you are looking to do something you don't want on the front page of every newspaper, we aren't your team, but we'll be seeing you on the field.