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What Is Condition:Black ?

Condition Black is the place in a fight or combat where you cease to exist. It is in this condition that all cognitive operations cease to register. There is no thinking, no decision-making, no internal dialogue, no reasoning, no regard for safety and importantly, no fear. There is no before. There is no after. There is only now.

This is the state of existence described by the Samurai Warrior as, complete disregard for the self.

What does Condition:Black do?

We protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, organizations, and government officials from the emerging threats and existing challenges of todays technologies.

Who does Condition:Black serve?

  • Elections Systems for fair and certifiable elections
  • Federal, State, Local Government Agencies
  • Candidates
  • Individuals
  • Non-Profits
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchanges/Services
  • Journalists/Media


Ransomware Response & Mitigation Security Incident Response 24x7x365
Targeted Threat Intelligence Security Research
Product Security Assessments Software Security Assessments
Penetration Testing (Physical and Digital) Social Engineering Assessments
Ethical Election Data Sourcing Data Breach and Data Leak Detection
Data Breach and Data Leak Professional Training Bespoke Services (case by case)
RF/Emergency Communications Systems Design & Deployment Sensitive Data Discovery and Remediation/Mitigation Software and Services
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Services Cryptocurrency Theft and Tracing Services
SOC Design and Consulting Security Advisory Services

CONDITION:BLACK utilizes anonymizing services to remove user-identifying information that may be shared while browsing our site. We will not sell your information or allow any third party to view, analyze our access your information without your expressed and informed consent in writing. Any contact information provided will only be used to facilitate requests initiated by you. We do not market or sell our services to any agency, corporation or individuals who CONDITION BLACK in its sole discretion determines to be a "bad actor" or those known to commit offenses against the privacy, security, and human rights of others. In short, if you are looking to do something you don't want on the front page of every newspaper, we aren't your team, but we'll be seeing you on the field.